Minerva Wisdom Arts

minerva wisdom arts

Minerva casquée by Auguste Rodin c.1905



Minerva Wisdom Arts is an LLC (limited liability corporation) owned by Ker Cleary. It serves as the umbrella for many of Ker’s endeavors, including ClearHeart Press, publisher of the BlueStar and Sacred Stones Oracle Decks, Joyful Heart Productions, which produces the Joyful Heart Psychic & Wellness Fair in Eugene, OR, and BlueStar Channeling, Ker’s healing practice based in Eugene.




Minerva – also known as Athena, is the goddess of wisdom, medicine, the arts, and creative conflict resolution

Wisdom – is what everyone has deep within  them; our goal is always to help you access yours

Arts – when one has practiced their work creatively over a long period of time, one is said to be in the arts

This is why we have named this business Minerva Wisdom Arts. Also, so we can do all the stuff we want to do and keep things relatively simple and somewhat organized. We hope you will enjoy our offerings and find them useful and helpful and insightful and any other kind of -ful you might need.