Feeling Stuck

Dear Ones,

Feeling stuck is just another word for disengagement with your world. Sometimes when you get too overly concerned about one area of your life, you will feel stuck everywhere you look. But truly, this is not the case. It can never really be the case. The fact is, everything is different all the time, every day, each hour, because that is the reality of the world in 3D, where you (mostly, kind of) live. Things change. But if you are staring at them too hard, in a fixed and singular manner, you may be unable to perceive the shifts as they occur.

The simplest and most obvious answer to us is to simply look away. Glance off to the side somewhere, or even backwards if you must, just to shift your perspective for a bit. When you glance back – and only a glance back is recommended – you will see that something, even so slightly, has indeed begun to alter.

When working on a project, you will always need some breaks. It is the same way with life. When you are glaring hard at the problems of existence, you miss the subtle changes in the light outside, the tastes and texture of the water in your glass, the sympathy of friends and family who love you. In fact, you miss the deal here, that all is well. It may not fit your qualifying definition of what is well right now. Things might feel difficult and extremely ponderous. There might be surfeit of indifference, uncertainty, and pain, there might be a lack of confidence, and completely a lack of hope.

We are hereby encouraging you to raise your head and look around and see that seasons change, people come and go, fortunes are lost and gained, and the world continues on. There is no actuality to the feeling of feeling stuck. There is perception, and perceptions can be strong, but they are illusory at best, mistaken for actuality at worst, and forgotten to be mutable, as they are. When you remember this, that all is not as it seems, that things change, then everything begins to shift. Tiny, barely perceptible movements at first, but eventually the regular, also slightly erratic, pulsing of life begins to be felt and it all moves along.

One breath at a time and there you go.