Negativity and Positivity part 3/3 – Equanimity

Hello dear ones,

Forgive us for taking so long to post the final third. It can always be a challenge to align things in the physical and nonphysical realms. Perhaps you have noticed.

Well, we spoke of negativity and then of positivity, and now we speak of the middle ground, which is vast and underrated. These days it seems all too simple to go from one end to the other, or to believe you inhabit one end and others inhabit elsewhere. If you are honest with yourself – and why not be, life is short – you must admit that it is easier to think about two sides of a coin than the vast and potentially unnameable space in the middle.

We think it makes sense, as beings of this “lifetimes on Earth” experiment, to consider the ends of the poles. The whole thing is set up in dichotomy, with the illusion of “self” and “other” at the core of the world view. Everything appears separate, everything in competition and comparison with everything else. Language, perspective, thought, all are based in duality. Even the spiritual ideals, while some speak of non-duality, oppose their view to duality, thus creating or reinforcing – you guessed it – duality!

What we would like to encourage is the hanging out in the in-between space. The space of not-knowing, of maybe nothing is wholly right or wrong. We will not recycle old philosophical arguments just for the sake of words taking space on the page, but we think you know what we mean. Is it possible, then, to think of everything at once? To encompass with your mind the yes and the no, the right and the wrong, the fear alongside the love? Can you expand and relax enough to allow it to all coexist? Yes? Because it does, you know. It does.

If you can allow it, then you can relax. If you can relax, then there is no need to fight. If there is no need to fight, the world becomes a more peaceful place, and you become its emissary. If you are willing to move forward, or even sit still, in this place, all is well.

When you think of equanimity, you might think of a person who does not care. But true equanimity is simply taking the long view, the bird’s eye perspective, the breadth of mind and witnessing that can allow all things to coexist (as they do) and to not take it personally.

Not taking it personally is the key to peace of mind. Knowing that whatever happens, things will shift and change. Over time, all possibilities are realized. How long they last is up to you, the participants. Everything bad is good again, and so on, vice versa.

If you pay attention, expand and relax your mind, you will find that the bad stuff is not so awful and the good stuff less terrific than you thought. The bad stuff doesn’t last that long, in the general scope of things, and neither does the stuff that you prefer. And everyone winds up dead at the end of things, sooner or later, one way or another, and no-one can say how it ends.

The proverbial grain of salt is a blessing here, making the bitter less difficult and the sweet less seductive. A balanced life and mind accepts it all. Not to say you don’t try to do things in the world, you don’t try to temper the bad with your version of good. It’s human nature that way, as well. But remember, everyone is doing the same. The tempering goes on, and the definition and demonstration of good and of bad is debatable. In other words, it is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, the wrongs you are trying to right are the rights someone else is applying to the wrongs that they perceive. In other words, it is all up for grabs.

So. We suggest you continue to relax and expand, to practice holding space for all the things, as they say, and to begin to understand that no matter how good your good is and no matter how wrong your wrongs are perceived to be, nothing is as surefire as all that. So, have some humility, add some kindness to the plate, try to remember the vulnerability and susceptibility of all beings, and that nothing is solid nor does it last. Practice peace of mind and relax relax relax.

We love you all very very much.

BlueStar and Counsel of Light