Transition and Confusion

Many Greetings,

We have much to say!

So many of you are in flux, transition, or just feeling generally confused and unfocused.

First, please understand that you are not alone.
Next, please know you have done nothing wrong.
Third, please rest in the truth that everything changes, and your suffering is not the only thing that defines you.

When things are uncertain, it is easy to feel rigid and attempt to control what you can. This approach, while understandable, will not yield the results you are hoping for. At the most fundamental level, you are trying to find comfort in a situation of basic discomfort. This is natural, and human, and just you trying to be kind. Beware of making things worse through old habits that no longer serve you, or even new habits that are trying to make a place for themselves in your life.

Tried and true are the things you can turn to now. They are the boring things that make your eyes glaze over when you see them suggested, but you know they work and are helpful, so we will suggest them once again.

Walk more. Drink some water. Take a few deep breaths. Try to stretch your body a bit. Think about what used to make you happy and fulfilled, and do a little bit of that. Call a friend. Commiserate. Write your feelings down and then compost them (recycle them, burn them, liquefy them, whatever).

Grab a handful of whatever is making your life feel too full or too empty or too difficult and sort through it, release what you do not need or want. (This may include books, papers, clothes, people, furniture, dust, old thought patterns, food, plastic bags, dried up or outdated little jars from your bathroom cabinet, a box of who knows what from the closet or garage, even cleaning out the pockets of your jacket will help.)

Refresh yourself in any way you can think of. Get a couple of apples and give one to someone else. Eat your apple, and experience apple-eating in the moment, as if it is the only thing of importance. Whatever you are doing in any moment is the thing of importance. Judge less (yourself and others). Find beauty at your feet. Look and see what is real – it may be simply the sky, or the dirt, but it will help orient you.

Here’s the thing – you are having a challenging time, and that’s all there is to it. Acceptance is key. Not telling yourself you should be having some other experience. You don’t have to say hey, this is fine by me! But here you are and this is how it is, however it is in any given moment, and being present to what is right here now is so much less exhausting, don’t you see?

It is a time of fatigue, a time of perplexities, a time of longing for things to be other than they are. Don’t give up hope. Things will change over time, in small increments. Small increments is how most change occurs. So take a moment and be where you are and then go for a walk and drink water and before you know it you will be where you are but it will be different. It always is.

Much love and many blessings,
BlueStar & Counsel of Light