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Relax. Calm down. Breathe a little. All is not lost.

Anything you have done that you regret, undo it now. A simple word or phrase will do. Perhaps a light touch on the shoulder, or a whispered prayer. Ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself, move on. Some things cannot be undone, so promise yourself to find a way to live with that. A way to live with it that enhances your life and that of everyone around you.

When you do not rest enough, you increase the risk of causing trouble for yourself. You increase the chances of making poor choices, of doing or saying something you will soon regret. You are a well meaning person, but if you do not care properly for yourself, you will inevitably become unable to demonstrate who you truly are. You are not your impatience or your irritation or anxiety, but these things can more easily express through you if you are tired, hungry, or haven’t prioritized properly.

Whatever your opinion about your needs (I’m too sensitive, I shouldn’t need this much extra care, other people do fine, etc), it is up to you to find a path to self-acceptance and retreat. Take care of yourself and the rest will follow.

PS if you think you are the only delicate flower and everyone else is fine without special needs and care, we ask you, then why is the world in such disarray? If everyone knew themselves and accepted themselves and cared for themselves with accuracy and without judgment, the world would indeed be a calmer and more functional place. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, as they say.

Much love and many blessings to you all,
BlueStar and Counsel of Light