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Bach Flower Remedy Consultations

One hour – $100 – intake/new client

30 minutes – $60 – check in/update your remedy blend

Consultations are by phone or in person, and include 1-2 bottles of your personalized remedy blend. All consultations are confidential.

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Bach flower remedies are most helpful for rebalancing our mental and emotional states when we are feeling off, either because old stuff is being triggered, new stuff is becoming an issue, or you are just having trouble with habitual patterns of feeling and thinking. Bach flowers can reinforce and support the transformation instigated by a channeled reading; they can also be very useful and supportive on their own.

To prepare for a Bach flower consultation, just bring yourself to the appointment. The remedies are chosen based on your current experience and needs. We will have plenty of time to discuss and explore and come up with the combination of flowers most suited to your needs. You can bring notes on your situation and feelings you have been having, if you want. Usually the personal remedy combination is revealed easily during our session.

If Bach flowers are added into a channeling session, there is no extra charge, unless extra time is needed to discuss and recommend the remedies at the end of the channeling.

officeOur office for in-person sessions is located at 392 E. 3rd Ave, suite #203, in Eugene (Map here). Free parking is provided along the west side of the building and in back, by the Swahili Imports warehouse. Please note, this is NOT our mailing address, which is PO Box 10049, Eugene, OR 97440.



Dr. Edward Bach

The remedies are a gentle, natural healing system developed by English physician Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. They come in liquid form and are generally taken by mouth. The remedies are profoundly helpful in relieving stress and anxiety, as well other imbalanced states of mind and mood. Dr. Bach identified 38 remedies, which can be combined in countless ways to address the needs of a person in their particular circumstances.  He also developed Rescue Remedy, a crisis formula which is a combination of five remedies (also available as a cream for skin irritations, bumps and bruises).

Dr Bach became disillusioned with traditional medicine because he felt it did not treat the whole person. In 1917, he was diagnosed with cancer and sent home to die. Instead, Dr. Bach found his life’s work in devising a system of natural healing that was based on the vibrational harmony of flowers and how that energy could be imparted to help people (and animals and other plants) reestablish balance and harmony within themselves. Bach’s focus was on helping people find true healing, peace of mind and spiritual wellbeing. He lived nearly 20 years past his diagnosis, dying in 1936 only after he declared his life’s work – the Bach flower remedy system – to be complete.

Cerato – For uncertainty and not trusting oneself.

Dr. Bach eventually settled on 38 states of mental/emotional/spiritual imbalance that he could treat through his gentle system of flower remedies. These include fear of unknown things, fear of known things, jealousy, impatience, poor boundaries, shock and trauma, difficulty in transitions, and so forth. The remedies can be combined or taken singly to answer to virtually any of these imbalances. While no medical claims can be made about the flower remedies, relieving stress and imbalance in the mental and emotional realms is well known to support healing in the physical realm as well.

The remedies are made by exposing the blossoms of particular plants to the sun for a few hours as they rest in a bowl of spring water. Some remedies are made by boiling in pure water for half an hour. The vital energy of the flower is transferred to the water, and preserved by mixing it with equal parts brandy. This is the mother tincture, which is diluted to stock strength (what you buy in a shop), which can be taken as is, or diluted further into a dosage bottle (what you receive with your personal blend of remedies after a consult).

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Star of Bethlehem – For shock and trauma, past or present.

What happens in a Bach Flower Consult? We take some time to talk about what is going on for you and what you would like help with, and Ker makes notes of possible remedies for you to take. She will share her thoughts with you, and you decide which ones make the most sense or sound right to you. If there is anything else that needs addressing, you can ask for other remedies. Eventually we arrive at a combination (between 1-7 remedies) that addresses your current needs, and Ker makes a dosage bottle for you.

How will I know if the remedies are working? If you pay attention, you will notice how the flower remedies affect you. Ker encourages her clients to make notes about what they are having trouble with and which remedies they are taking and why. Often the remedies work so deeply and effectively that people sometimes think they weren’t really experiencing their problems in the first place. If you make notes, you can track your progress.

Flower remedies work on the “onion peeling” principle – that is, the outermost layers of difficulty resolve first, and then a new layer is revealed. Some issues are more recent or superficial and resolve quite easily; others run deeper and take more time.

Mimulus – For fears and anxieties you can name.

Why should I use Bach flower remedies? Bach flower remedies are helpful, subtle and profound. They bring your energy field back into balance and relieve the mental, spiritual and emotional suffering of the 38 states of imbalance identified by Dr. Bach. Flower remedies have no negative side effects and do not interfere with any medication or psychotherapy process, but support deep transformation and healing.

What is the daily dosage? Four drops from your dosage bottle four times a day, more often if needed. Two drops from a stock bottle (what you buy in a shop) under the tongue or in water or other liquid to be sipped frequently. Be careful not to touch your mouth or tongue with the dropper! If you do, rinse it off before putting it back in the bottle, or you will create an icky little petri dish in there…

What if I need more than one bottle of my remedy blend? If you are in town Ker will do a free refill and leave it at the office for you to pick up. If we did a phone consult, Ker usually sends two bottles at once. Usually the combination needs to be changed after two bottles, so we would do a follow-up consultation if you would like to keep working with the remedies. One 1-ounce bottle should last a couple of weeks or more.

Ker Cleary is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, who has been working with the flower remedies both personally and professionally for over 25 years. For more information about Bach flower remedies, please see the FAQs page or contact Ker at 541-349-0595 or via email.

Ker Cleary at Dr. Bach's cottage in 1992

Ker Cleary at Dr. Bach’s cottage in 1992

Dr. Bach’s goals included all people feeling comfortable using the remedies, so learning about them for yourself is strongly encouraged. He liked to say, “When I feel cold, I put on a sweater; when I feel I lack confidence, I take some Larch.” He wanted it to be that ordinary and easy for people to make use of his system and not have to rely on a practitioner for help.

For information on classes in the US, research on the flower remedies, and to purchase your own remedies, go to Bach Flower Education.

For information about the remedies and their origins, visit the website of the Dr. Bach Centre in England. The above images of Dr. Bach, Cerato, Star of Bethlehem, and Mimulus, are used with permission, courtesy of The Bach Centre.

You can also purchase Bach flower remedies (Bach Remedies Original brand) for a good price at

Complete sets of small bottles of Bach flowers (Healing Herbs brand) are available here

Click here to download a pdf brochure of the Bach Flower remedies and their uses.