Channeled Guidance

Channeled Guidance Readings with BlueStar and Counsel of Light

90 minutes – $200 – suggested for first time readings

60 minutes – $150 – useful for follow-up or occasional returning readings

30 minutes (phone only) – $75 – best for frequent check-ins or just one or two questions

4-pack – four (1-hour) readings in four months for $500, paid in advance (can be shared)

Subscription – $50 per month for one 30-minute reading each month, 3 month minimum commitment. You can subscribe and schedule through the online scheduler below.

All readings are recorded, and a link to download the recording is sent to you after the session. All readings are confidential. Please read our Policies before making an appointment. Thank you.

We recommend that your first channeling appointment be 90 minutes. After we have read for you once, you may choose an hour or another amount of time for subsequent readings.

Schedule your reading online here:
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You might choose to have a channeled guidance reading when you need clarity about things in your life, feel stuck, or are having troubles that don’t seem to resolve in other ways. Channeled guidance can help with issues like health, money, relationships, living arrangements, life purpose, big decisions, past lives, etc. Some people get a reading every year around their birthday. Some people get readings more frequently, especially if working through particularly stubborn difficulties, or more than a couple of challenges. For more info about BlueStar and channeling, click here. For frequently asked questions about channeled guidance, click here.

People often feel nervous before their first reading, which is understandable. It is a new experience and you don’t know what will happen. Ker’s guides are fundamentally kind, and often a little silly. They match their interaction to each person, so you get an individually tailored experience.

The guides read your energy field in the moment, and they like to interact and ask questions, so you don’t really need to prepare in any particular way. Some people make a list of questions they want to ask, some don’t. If there is anything particular that you want to make sure is addressed in session, please make a note of it beforehand.

It is generally a good idea to have some free time after your reading, so you have a chance to digest the information, and center yourself and transition back to your ordinary world. You are not in trance during the session, but you are interacting with beings of different energy vibrations, so it’s nice to not have to rush off and crunch numbers or look at a computer screen or be in charge of somebody else.

Our office for in-person sessions is located at 392 E. 3rd Ave, suite #203, in Eugene (Map here). Free parking is provided along the west side of the building and in back, by the Swahili Imports warehouse. Please note, this is NOT our mailing address, which is PO Box 10049, Eugene, OR 97440.

House Parties and Other Events
When you want to share something special with people close to you, bring Ker and her guides and flower remedies to your home, or a venue in your area! She can travel to be there in person, or meet with your group via phone conference or video chat. Hold a gathering or house party at your home, and enjoy a group channeling with your friends, or have each person in your group experience a brief private reading with Ker. Out of town, Ker often does a group channeling event on a Friday evening, followed by a weekend of full-length one-on-one channeled readings.

Please contact Ker for hosting ideas, itineraries and fees. 541-349-0595 or via email