Oracle Card Readings

oracle cardsPersonalized Readings with Ker and the BlueStar or Sacred Stones Oracle Decks

3 card reading – $50 – by phone or email only, unless combined with an in-person session.

The BlueStar and Sacred Stones (vols. 1&2) Oracle Decks were developed by Ker Cleary and her spirit guides, BlueStar and Counsel of Light. She took the photographs and designed the decks, and the guides gave her the words and information for each card.

An oracle card reading is a perfect opportunity for clarity and perspective on a question you are having: your life’s direction, troubling circumstances, relationships, your spiritual path, or other concerns. The information is supported both visually and verbally with the unique BlueStar or Sacred Stones Oracle Deck, and personal information is channeled just for you during the reading.

During your oracle card reading, Ker meditates on your question while shuffling the cards, and draws three of them for you, to represent you and your situation or concerns. She then channels information for you, based on your energy patterns, the cards, and your question. You will receive an image of your card spread, along with either a recording (phone session, about 30 minutes) or a channeled write up (email session).

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Learn more about the BlueStar and Sacred Stones Oracle Decks, and purchase decks for yourself or a friend here.