Sacred Stones Decks – coming soon!

Wow, today I sent off the files for the next two oracle decks – the Sacred Stones Oracle Decks, volumes I&II. It is always scary for me to launch a project like this. I know I will get a chance to proof the cards before they are printed, and there is still a lot of work to do on the booklet layout (printed separately), but this is the moment of stepping into a new level with the cards. I am saying here, make this real! I am behaving with confidence in the cards and my ability to get them into the hands of those who need them.

I did not feel at all sure of the BlueStar Oracle Deck when I sent it to print. I had worked on it so long and so hard that I couldn’t tell if it was any good, or if it would function as it was supposed to. I have been so pleased to find that it does. In fact, it exceeds my expectations and ideas of how it would work. Everyone I have heard from has been delighted with how helpful it is and how it gets them in touch with their own intuition and guidance, which is exactly the intention.

These new decks were germinating before the first deck went out, so it is a relief to get them on their way, finally.They are a little different than the first deck, although it is hard to say in what way. They are all stone imagery, rather than a variety of subjects, which is interesting. There is (mostly) only one word per card, rather than the brief phrases of the BlueStar deck. And, to me, the channeled words in the booklet are a little more intense. But maybe that’s just because I have been in the throes of editing for a couple of weeks. It’s tricky to edit channeled material, because the guides have an odd syntax that I want to preserve, but we need to edit for clarity, too! I would be a wreck if I didn’t have the input of my wonderful friend and eagle-eyed editor (that’s a compound adjective, so it gets a hyphen, right?), Natascha Bruckner.

Also, I am being instructed in taking photos for the NEXT deck (is this my life now, making oracle decks? not a bad gig…) so there’s that. Apparently the next one is flowers. That’s all I know at the moment. Ask me again in the fall…